Thursday, April 30, 2009

What People Think of Southern Baptists

Over at Provocations and Pantings, Timmy Brister posted on some informal research that Dr. Thom Rainer did on the impressions people have of Southern Baptists. The results are revealing. I encourage you to check out this post. Notice the word cloud which shows the responses of people. The big words are the ones most often mentioned and the little words are least mentioned.

Granted, this is an informal survey and not a formal poll. Yet, I can't help but say "ouch" when I see that the responses. The most used words were legalism, legalistic, and tradition. Even boycott and chicken beat Jesus and gospel. One bright spot was the fact that missions made a good showing. After a long battle for the inerrancy and authority of Scripture, the word Bible didn't even make the top ten.

It seems that we (Southern Baptists since I am one) have some work to do. Perhaps the emphasis of Dr. Danny Akin and others on the Great Commission Resurgence will go a long way toward getting Southern Baptists focused on the things that we need to be known for; things like the gospel, missions, discipleship, love, church planting, etc.

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